• Located: Gloucester, MA

Seaside Home:

The Atlantic ocean can be a harsh environment to live near but of course also beautiful and refreshingly alive. This home, situated to take advantage of the 180 degree view is awash in level changes and color. The steep slopes are made less daunting by breaking up the descent into smaller pieces with steps and more level areas for slowing down to admire the boulder retained gardens. Many colorful plants thrive in the sun and salt air just as we do.

Ornamental grasses, hydrangeas, roses, spireas, bayberry, summersweet and bushels of perennials. Right away, as you walk to the front door and brush past the aroma of lemon thyme you are treated with a garden walkway of mixed evergreen, flowering shrubs and perennials. The shade gardens are full of texture as well as color. It is a three season landscape as who wants to be outside in the winter anyway?