The initial consultation is to discuss your landscape goals. We meet at your home and walk the property to gather information about what works in your existing landscape and what you’d like to change and to ask questions about your knowledge of the environmental factors on your property. We have a conversation about who and how your family uses the property now and look long term as to how your future needs may change the landscape. We offer expert advice with input on balancing the constraints and opportunities of your property with your dreams and budget.


Site analysis

Observation of the assets and constraints of your site are key in developing sound solutions for your landscape needs. The base plan will note key unique site factors such as: exposure to sun, shade and wind, soil types, circulation patterns, drainage, views into your property and out from your home and yard, and the health of existing vegetation. Your input here is valuable to disclose information about seasonal changes. I may walk the neighborhood to get a sense of the surrounding context and how it may affect your property.

Alternative schemes

Information from the site analysis is combined with your landscape desires to develop the design direction. Two or three concepts may be presented with various possibilities for achieving your goals. With your input, the ideas that work for the site and for you are then developed further. Specific materials (masonry, plants, etc.) are discussed at this stage.

Landscape Design and Planning

The design phase involves recording the existing conditions, a site analysis, alternative schemes and a final landscape design plan for your property or a portion of it.

Existing conditions

A base map is drawn to record the location of the house and driveway on the property as well as noting other structures, vegetation, ledge, changes in grade, and utilities. Your plot plan would help greatly for this phase as well as other documentation pertaining to the site and your house (topographical surveys, relevant architectural plans, photos in other seasons, etc.).


Landscape design plan

The final plan will indicate the modifications to your existing landscape. This would include any masonry (stonewalls, patios or terrace walks), fencing or decks, alterations to grad

Planting Plan

If you wish only to supplement or rejuvenate the existing gardens, a sketch and verbal ideas may be enough to go forward with a cost estimate for the installation.



The installation may be completed in phases or in its entirety. KW Landscapes can see the project through from start to finish, including supervision of subcontractors. We can subcontract for the installation of fences, irrigation and specialized stonework. Workmanship and your satisfaction are important in seeing the vision of the design carried through in all phases of the project.


Periodic weeding, staking, pruning, deep watering, and fertilizing will help the plants thrive and look their best. We're happy to help you with the garden maintenance so you can enjoy the serenity, color, fragrance and splendor a garden can offer .