• Located: Gloucester, MA

Seaside Home:

This landscape, like the home, is a mix of old and new. The mature trees and long drive give the property an estate feel but the layout and gardens gives you a feeling of cozy outdoor rooms. The driveway edge on the home side is heavily planted with evergreens. The first peak of the house reveals another layer of plants which provides depth in the yard, both looking in and out. The new garage, with the doors turned away from the entry, allows it to be screened and softened with plants. The large yard areas are woven with gardens to screen, soften, and move you through the landscape from room to room.

Before renovations, the yard in the rear sloped right to the house and was covered in large spruce making it dark and claustrophobic feeling. When the trees were removed and the slope cut back for construction of the addition, it provided the opportunity to have a sloped garden that was soft and pleasing and viewed from many rooms. This is also the natural place for a waterfall adding to the appeal. There is no open pool of water at the bottom, but a stone area hiding the recirculating pump. With young children, there is no worry of accidents and mosquitoes don’t have a hangout.