• Located: Gloucester, MA

Seaside Home:

High above the rocky coast, with such beautiful views and breezes, the sloped yard was a deterent for a functional back yard. The clients wish of a pool and terrace actually help solve the problem. The infinity edge pool helps create two levels of terracing and are built to withstand the weather and to fit in with the coastline. By not building a solid wall below the pool, planted pockets among the retaining boulders below the pool’s infinity edge soften the hardness of the rock and provide a beautiful display for passing boats. The boulders are also incorporated into the more solid stone veneer wall of the infinity edge trough, and climbing higher, to then transition to the smooth wall of the infinity edge. The colors blend and the landscape goes from the natural environment to the built seamlessly. Flat topped boulders below the pool provide a rugged “goat path” giving access to the ocean and a pleasant stroll. The height of the pool allowed utilities to be hidden underneath the pool taking advantage of a normally unused space. The raised terrace at the back of the house is retained the same way as below, with boulders and planted pockets for a graceful transition to the lawn. The same theme takes one up to the front level on large stepping stones through planted boulder gardens.